Cleaning Glass Shutters

The Glass Shutters have a hard, durable coating applied to one surface during manufacture. However, as with any coated glass product, care should be taken while cleaning to prevent damage to the coating.


  • Abrasive cleaners should not be used as they can cause bright or dark spots which may only be seen under certain lighting conditions. Under no circumstances should abrasive cleaners, hydrofluoric acid, fluorine compounds or strong alkalis be used on the coated surface.


  • We recommend the use of standard glass cleaners (except those containing solids in suspension), together with a lint-free towel, either paper or cloth. Using a standard glass cleaner will remove marks made by plastics and acrylics.


  • For organic deposits which may have been abraded onto the coated surface, use the appropriate solvent.


  • Do not use a razor blade, wire wool or any other metal item to remove stubborn marks. These will leave metal particles on the coating that appear as scratches.



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